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Professional, customized answering for your business needs. Choose when we answer, call flows & procedure, information collected and more.

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Customized Call Answering

Created in 2015, 1OfficeHelper supports businesses interested in obtaining call answering services. I will work with you directly to set up, allowing you more flexibility than the bigger firms, all while giving you peace of mind. Get the benefits of a fulltime employee; but pay for only what you need. 

Choose from a variety of options ranging from over nights, weekends, 24/7, short term or longer term contracts. My background as an office administrator allows me to adapt to a variety of situations.Industry experience includes government, business start-ups, media, financial institutions, education, real estate, construction, HR, and agri-business. 

: the perfect choice for your business needs.

Cost Saving

Get the benefit of full time service without the risks involved in hiring a full time employee. Scale services to meet your needs and budget.

Variety of Services

I have a wide range of experience, ranging from simple call structures to complex CRMs and scheduling. We also offer office administration.

Custom Call Flows

Customize which calls are picked up, which calls are transferred and to whom, what information is collected, and more.

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